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Caleb Mission Newsletter The Third Week of May

Hallelujah! We pray that the God of peace be with you all.


I am visiting Niagara Falls today, thanks to the dedication of a deacon in the United States. I am grateful for God's grace and want to share its beauty with you.


Our journey in the US is almost over. Please continue to pray for everything to go well until the end, with God's grace.


The North Korean defectors' community in South Korea planted different seeds to welcome spring, and now potatoes and sweet potatoes have grown. We are grateful for the grace of God. Like a seed planted in soil, it grows and bears fruit. We believe our mission to rescue North Korean defectors will glorify God and bear fruit as a gospel ministry. Please pray with us.


I will see you all again soon in New York. Thank you.



❤️Please support the North Korean defectors 🙏🏻


🙏🏻❤️Please pray with us for North Korea ❤️🙏🏻

1. Heavenly Father, please use the Caleb Mission to spread the gospel to North Korea by rescuing North Korean defectors and nurturing them with the Word.


2. We pray that God guides the North Korean defector sisters in China, and that they are safely rescued and live in Jesus  

3. God, please bless us with the opportunity to meet the person you have prepared for us during the US tour. We pray for your blessings upon Caleb Mission and all those who support it.

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